why online


the Platinum difference

skills impact outcomes

behavioral & social challenges affect
everyone in the classroom


  • Social Skills & Social Pragmatics

so students can integrate better with peers & learn cooperatively.

  • Executive Function

so students can follow systems & learn within given structures.

reading & comprehension skills
impact long-term performance


  • Phonological & Phonemic Awareness

so students can learn foundational skills that improve long-term literacy performance.

  • Listening Comprehension

so students can improve literacy, behavior & social skills both inside and outside the classroom.

How do we maintain the highest standards for clinical outcomes?

Group 708

support & supervision

We provide individualized guidance from our clinical support staff + supervise our clinicians for quality control. You benefit from our high clinical standards, strategic team mindset and collaborative approach.

Group 649

targeted training

Our professional trainings respond to real challenges clinicians are facing in the field. That means they come to work with targeted strategies to empower your students.

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resource library

Your students are enriched by differentiated materials from our exclusive library of engaging activities and educational apps based on practices proven to enhance learning.

Group 593

focus on skills​

Clinicians receive robust trainings in areas that impact outcomes the most, empowering students, teachers, and schools to see a real difference both inside the classroom and out.

start impacting outcomes

Is online therapy effective? Yes.

“Telepractice is an appropriate model of service delivery for the professions of speech-language pathology [and audiology]. Telepractice may be used to overcome barriers of access to services caused by distance, unavailability of specialists and, or subspecialists, and impaired mobility”

ASHA, Speech-Language Pathologists Providing Clinical Services via Telepractice: Position Statement [Position Statement], 2005

Is online therapy effective? Yes.

“Occupational therapy practitioners are among the rehabilitation health care providers who may use telehealth technologies for service delivery. Potential uses include consultation, client evaluation, client monitoring, supervision, and intervention.”

AOTA, 2013

Is online therapy effective? Yes.

“The American Psychiatric Association supports the use of telemedicine as a legitimate component of a mental health delivery system to the extent that its use is for the benefit of the patient, protects patient autonomy, confidentiality, and privacy; and when used consistent with APA policies on medical ethics and applicable governing law.”

February 2018, APA Policy on Telepsychiatry

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Our assessments are approved for teletherapy.

You have students
waiting to be serviced

The choice to empower is in your hands. 

Online therapy is :

The consultation is free.
The answers can be game-changing.

Educational Assessments 


Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children –cognitive 

WPPSI- Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence* 

WISC- Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children* 

WISC-Spanish – Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children 

Differential Ability Scales-Spanish cognitive strengths mode of processing 

NEPSY-Second Edition NEPSY-2 


BASC-Behavioral and Emotional Screening System- Basic Achievement System-basic educational evaluation-academic skills 

Kaufman Test of Education Achievement* 


KeyMath-3 Diagnostic Assessment 


Developmental Reading Assessment  

EDL2+ Spanish reading assessment 

(Group Reading Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation) 


Mental Health Assessment 

Social-Emotional and Behavioral 

Beck Anxiety Inventory 

Beck Depression Inventory-2 

Beck Hopelessness 

Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation 

Beck Youth Inventories inventory-depression, anxiety, anger, disruptive behaviors and self-concept 

Behavior Assessment System for Children –set of rating scales and forms to understand behaviors and emotions 

Adaptive Behavior 

Vineland Adaptive Behaviors 

Executive Functions 

(CEFI) Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory 


Speech and Language Assessment 

Full Language Battery 

EVT-3 Expressive Vocabulary Test 

CELF-5 Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals 

Early Childhood Full Language Battery 

CELF-P Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-Preschool  

Social Pragmatics 

CELF-5 Metalinguists 


Articulation and Phonology 

GFTA-3 Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation 

GFTA-Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation-Spanish 

Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis 


Occupational Therapy Assessment 

Buininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency

WRAVMA Record Form

WRAVMA Drawing Form Response Booklet

WRAVMA Matching Form Response Booklet

DASH Record Form

BOT-2 Complete Form Record Form

BOT-2 Complete Form/Fine Motor Form Response Booklet Examinee Booklet