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meet the team

Founder & Director

Leah Ehrlich, M.S.

25 + workshop presentations
175 + evaluations conducted
1,160 + cases supervised

Leah is a 20-year veteran of the Special Education field who has presented workshops and provided training sessions for teachers and therapists for 15 years. Leah was a classroom teacher, resource room teacher, program supervisor and school service coordinator. She created and presented effective reading comprehension, phonemic awareness and math training sessions for educators and parents. She coordinated and attended all IEP meetings for students receiving services. Leah is a certified Teacher of the Handicapped and holds a Master of Science degree in Special Education from Adelphi University. She brings her many years of teaching, supervising and coordination experience as well as her passion for Special Education to Platinum Teletherapy and runs the daily operations division.

I believe that clinical excellence is achieved with two things: choosing motivated clinicians that really care about outcomes, and putting the right supervision standards into place to help clinicians meet their goals.

– Leah Ehrlich

Clinical Director

Pearl Braun MS CCC-SLP

Pearl brings over 12 years of experience as a therapy provider and educational consultant. Pearl has many years of experience evaluating and creating treatment plans for preschool and school age children. Pearl administers a battery of informal and standardized diagnostic assessments, interviews and counsels clients’ family. Pearl writes full and comprehensive diagnostic reports and takes detailed session notes, provides end of term summary reports and recommendations as well as developing long and short-term SMART speech and language goals for Individualized Educational Plans (IEP). Pearl implements treatment for school-age children and adults with speech and language disorders, including articulation, phonology, pragmatics, receptive and expressive language and literacy deficiencies. Pearl is a member of ASHA Speech and Language Hearing Association; she holds a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Brooklyn College and is extremely dedicated to her clients. Pearl joined the Platinum Teletherapy Team to provide clinical expertise and guidance to our therapists.

Lead SLP

Margherita Miserandino MS CCC-SLP

Margherita Miserandino is a seasoned pediatric speech therapist with an impressive track record of over 25 years of dedicated service in her field. Throughout her extensive career, Margherita has worked with children of all ages, demonstrating her versatility and expertise in addressing various disabilities. In her third year with Platinum, she continues to exhibit unwavering enthusiasm for her work. Margherita eagerly anticipates collaborating with fellow therapists, embracing the opportunity to offer her support and insights. Her vast experience extends beyond therapy sessions, encompassing professional development and training roles, where she has played an instrumental part in cultivating the skills of her peers and nurturing their growth.

Clinical Director

Devorah Himy, M.A. CCC-SLP

2500 + students treated & evaluated
30 + therapists supervised
6 curricula published
5 + years of teletherapy supervision

Devorah brings over 20 years of experience as a therapy provider, supervisor, and educational consultant. She is the founder of Language Builders, a private speech & language practice with specialized focus on executive function, social skills, and social pragmatics. Devorah is a published writer, keynote speaker, workshop presenter, ASHA-accredited Continuing Education Coordinator, and member of ASHA’s SIG 18/Special Interest Group for Teletherapy. Devorah is also the author of STARPower, a social language curriculum that is successfully employed within the public school system, and Write-It! brainstorming and writing curriculum. Devorah holds a master’s degree from Montclair State University.

It’s super-important to match students to the right therapists… by choosing someone who is uniquely skilled and suited to meet that child’s needs. And of course to provide ongoing support to make sure we’re optimizing outcomes.“ 

– Devorah Himy MA, SLP

What are people saying about our team?

“As our school supervisor, and program coordinator for special services, Leah made sure that all our students benefited, and made a lot of progress. We received positive feedback on the quality of learning, and the cohesive partnership between teachers, therapists, and parents. “

Educational Director
"Our students are empowered because of Leah's ability to provide individualized support. She collaborates with teachers to share best practices and discuss problem solving strategies to meet student needs."

Educational Director
"Leah's work has always been professional, and she has shown expertise in her field with her students and colleagues"

Program Director
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skills matter

our unique focus on targeted skills puts more power where it belongs: in your hands


  • Social Skills & Social Pragmatics

so students can integrate better with peers & learn cooperatively.

  • Executive Function

so students can follow systems & learn within given structures.

reading & comprehension skills impact
long-term outcomes


  • Phonological & Phonemic Awareness

so students can learn foundational skills that improve long-term literacy performance.

  • Listening Comprehension

so students can improve literacy, behavior & social skills both inside and outside the classroom.

You have students
waiting to be serviced

The choice to empower is in your hands. 

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